WTO Reform Tracker

WTO Reform Tracker

With the WTO under stress and grappling with a global economy that has evolved past global trade rules negotiated in the 90's, some countries have proposed reforms and updates to the WTO. This database organizes and summarizes those proposals.

Some Good News and Some Bad News

In this episode, the Trade Guys and Andrew discuss some silver linings coming out of the COVID-19 crisis. They also break some bad news about the economy coming out of the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund.

Trade and COVID-19

In this episode, Andrew and the Trade Guys discuss trade policy within the Democratic presidential debates, and how COVID-19 could impact businesses in Europe, North America, and elsewhere in Asia. They also discuss the implications of a slowdown in U.S. services industries.

Trade Guys on the Road: Live from the CSI Summit

In this episode, the Trade Guys and guest host Jack Caporal take the podcast on the road to the Coalition of Services Industries annual summit. Guest Laura Lane, President of Global Public Affairs and UPS, discusses the importance of services in the global trade industry, and women's roles in this important trade sector. This episode was recorded live at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington D.C.

A Yes, And Strategy for Trade with Africa

In this episode, the Trade Guys and Jack Caporal (filling in for Andrew Schwartz) welcome another in-house guest. Judd Devermont is the director of the Africa Program at CSIS, and was formerly the Central Intelligence Agency’s senior political analyst on sub-Saharan Africa. Judd discusses the current state of U.S.-Africa trade relations and what the road ahead should look like.

World Peace Through World Trade

In this episode, Andrew and the Trade Guys talk with Chris Padilla, vice president for government and regulatory affairs at IBM, about why trade matters to IBM and how the company has navigated the global economy for over 100 years.

Services, Services

Services, Services

Our Trade Guys podcast was fortunate last week to have Christine Bliss as our guest. She is president of the Coalition of Service Industries (CSI), the main organization in town representing services companies.  The conversation began with what sounded like a softball question but was not: what are services anyway? 

Serving Up a Surplus

Serving Up a Surplus

The United States has consistently run a trade in goods deficit for decades, but over time has grown a formidable trade in services surplus. How are services traded and how important are they to the U.S. economy?