Trade experts Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch break down the buzz around trade, how it affects policy, and how it impacts your day-to-day.

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The Trade Guys is hosted every week by H. Andrew Schwartz and produced by Yumi Araki at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a bipartisan think tank in Washington, D.C.

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Digital Trade with Victoria Espinel of BSA | The Software Alliance

Andrew and the Trade Guys take on the world of digital trade with Victoria Espinel, president and CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance. Victoria shares her thoughts on USMCA, the evolving intersection of privacy and digital trade, and much more.

The Canadian Deputy Ambassador and You-Smacka

In this episode, the Trade Guys and Andrew welcome another VIP guest. Kirsten Hillman, Canada’s Deputy Ambassador to the United States, offers her insight on Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs, the USMCA (now dubbed "You-Smacka" by Trade Guy Scott), and more.

Trade Guys on the Road: Georgetown University Edition

In this episode, the Trade Guys and Andrew hit the road to record in front of a live audience at Georgetown University. On the agenda was the status of the US-China talks and what the president means by a US-Japan deal. Students of CSIS Korea Chair Victor Cha’s Modern Asia class asked questions that the Trade Guys answered throughout the show.

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Trade Explained & Visualized

Make sense of complex trade trends, rules and lingo with short videos, hot takes, and interactive graphs.

Crash Course: Trade Policy with the Trade Guys

Crash Course: Trade Policy with the Trade Guys

Are you new to international trade, or looking for a refresher course on American trade policy? CSIS Executive Education is pleased to offer "Crash Course," a one-day seminar on the fundamentals of U.S. international trade policy and politics.

The 50 States of Trade

The 50 States of Trade

The trade policy of the United States is determined at the federal level in Washington, DC, but it’s the 50 states that either reap its rewards or bear its costs. Explore each state's trade relationship with Canada, Mexico, the European Union, and China through this interactive map.

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  • Trade Terms Explained

    Understand the lingo, rules, and history of trade policy.

  • Trends in Trade

    Meaningful data points and events in trade broken down into insightful gifs and interactives.

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