Tigger versus Eeyore

In this episode, the Trade Guys discuss obstacles in the US-China talks. They also offer predictions on the fate of the USMCA. Bill takes on Tigger's positive outlook while Scott adopts Eeyore's pessimism.

State of the Trading Union

In this episode of The Trade Guys, the State of the Union is front and center. After the address was pushed back a week because of the government shutdown, the president is expected to call on Congress to pass the USMCA. All this goes on as Congress drafts legislation to curb the president's current national security tariff powers. Will the president deliver a bipartisan message? What will he say about the US-China trade war?

US-China talks and the CBO Report

On this episode, the Trade Guys and Andrew cover a lot of ground as the US wraps up trade talks with China. Plus, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)’s 2019 Budget and Economic Outlook report reveals that the administration’s trade wars are hurting the US economy. How is Congress reacting? Will the administration take action?

Former Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Talks Trade

In this episode of The Trade Guys, host Andrew Schwartz talks to former Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Rep. Ros-Lehtinen was the most senior U.S. Representative from Florida in the 115th Congress, and the Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee from 2011-2013. Schwartz and former Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen discuss the politics of trade and the prospects for bipartisan cooperation in the 116th Congress.

Brexit Uncertainty

In this episode, the Trade Guys catch up with guest Heather Conley, who just returned stateside from a timely trip to London. Heather is the Senior Vice President for Europe, Eurasia and the Arctic, and the director of the Europe program at CSIS. She offers fresh insights about Brexit, how it might affect trade, what it means for us, and where we go from here.

Josh Bolten Joins the Trade Guys (Part II)

The Trade Guys kick off the new year by welcoming special guest, Josh Bolten, CEO and President of the Business Round Table (BRT). Bolten, Andrew, and the Trade Guys discuss what to expect in the trade world in 2019. Part II of their conversation includes their insights on the U.S.-China trade relationship.

Josh Bolten Joins the Trade Guys (Part I)

The Trade Guys kick off the new year by welcoming special guest, Josh Bolten, President and CEO of the Business Round Table (BRT). Bolten, Andrew, and the Trade Guys discuss what to expect in the trade world in 2019. Part I of their conversation includes their insights on the USMCA and the politics of trade.

Let's Talk India

In this episode, the Trade Guys welcome another special guest: CSIS’ resident India scholar, Rick Rossow. Rossow holds the CSIS Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies, and formerly served as the deputy director of the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC). What’s with the President’s beef with India on Harley Davidson? What trade war is brewing between the U.S. and India?

The Trade Guys Welcome the Trade Lady

In this episode, the Trade Guys welcome a special guest: the self-proclaimed Trade Lady, Leila Afas. Afas advises Toyota Motor North America on geopolitical and market trends as Director of International Public Policy. How are the auto, steel, and aluminum tariffs affecting the auto industry? How does uncertainty throw a wrench in production? Afas, Andrew, and the Trade Guys discuss.

Trade Truce?

In this episode, the Trade Guys breakdown the latest from the G20. President Trump and Xi Jinping settled on a 90-day trade truce. But will the temporary ceasefire last? Also up, the Guys analyze the president's moves on the USMCA, what's next for the agreement, and how Congress might react.

Rumble in the Jungle

In this episode, the Trade Guys preview a highly anticipated meeting between President Trump and China’s Xi Jinping at the upcoming G20 summit in Argentina. The crew also discusses General Motors and the changing landscape for auto demand in the U.S.

Let's Talk Sweden

In this episode, the Trade Guys sit down with Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States, Karin Olofsdotter. Together they discuss the perks of being a Swede, the U.S.-Sweden trade relationship, and the latest Brexit news.

The Dynamics of Trade with a Democratic House Majority

In this episode, the Trade Guys record in front of a live audience of members of the World Affairs Councils of America. On the agenda was the midterm elections and how the new Democratic majority in the House might affect the dynamics of trade policy. They also discussed tariffs, the USMCA, and more. 

Midterm Elections and the Kiwi Ambassador Speaks

In this episode, the Trade Guys talk about how the midterm election results will affect trade policy. They also welcome the Honorable Tim Groser, New Zealand's Ambassador to the United States. Amb. Groser is one of the world's leading experts on international trade and was New Zealand's chief negotiator in the GATT Uruguay Round. Amb. Groser and the Guys discuss the CPTPP, the state of the WTO, China, and...the Donkey Theory of Management. 

Services, you can’t trade without ‘em

In this episode, the Trade Guys explore the world of services with special guest Christine Bliss, the president of the Coalition of Services Industries and long-time services trade negotiator. Christine and the crew take a deep dive into how a strong services sector not only sets the foundation for trade in goods, but actually adds value to nearly every part of the U.S. economy.

Fueling the Economy

In this episode, the Trade Guys welcome special guest Aaron Padilla, who is the senior advisor for international policy at the American Petroleum Institute (API). He leads API’s work to determine and represent the oil and natural gas industry’s public policy positions on key international issues, including cybersecurity, trade and global economic policy, and sustainability. API recently came out in support of the USMCA. The Trade Guys discuss how Aaron is seeing the administration’s trade policies play out on the ground.

Bilats, Tensions, and an NFL Victory

In this episode, the Trade Guys cover a lot of ground. Japan is following EU’s playbook by agreeing to bilateral trade talks with the United States. Trade tensions with China may begin to spill over into other areas of bilateral tension. The trade deficit widens, and the NFL scores an USMCA win. Hosted by H. Andrew Schwartz, and produced by Yumi Araki and Jack Caporal at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Doing the USMCA

The Trade Guys unpack the deal to replace NAFTA: the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. What's in it, what does it say about the Trump administration's trade policy, and what's next for the new deal. 

Trade Guys Q&A

In this episode, the Trade Guys answer some of the top questions submitted by our listeners. What’s the timeline on auto tariffs? Why protect our farmers from foreign tariffs? The Trade Guys answer all this and more.

Back from the Road: The Politics of Trade

The Trade Guys close out their September recording tour at home with a live audience of  Customs and International Trade Bar Association lawyers and the public. The guys began with a conversation on the politics of trade ahead of the midterm elections. They also discussed China, NAFTA…and memes.

Trade Guys on the Road: University of Maryland Edition

The Trade Guys continue their recording tour; this time at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. They are joined by a special guest, Rick Powers, the Port of Baltimore's director of marketing. The guys and Rick discuss updates on NAFTA, the tit-for-tat with China, and roll-on/roll-off (a.k.a. RoRo) shipping's relationship with tariffs.

Trade Guys on the Road: George Washington University Edition

The Trade Guys kick off their recording tour at George Washington University with a live audience participating in Washington International Trade Association’s two-day intensive trade seminar. The guys talk NAFTA, the intensifying trade war with China…and bro hugs.

Hafta Talk NAFTA

The Trade Guys talk Trump’s new NAFTA deal with Mexico. The Trump administration celebrates the U.S.-Mexico deal this week, which updates provisions on automobiles moving across the border, intellectual property, agriculture and labor.

Only as Good as the Next Tweet

The Trade Guys welcome another special guest, Cody Lusk, who is the president and CEO of the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA).

Talking Turkey and the Economy

The Trade Guys talk about the U.S.-Turkey diplomatic spat that has spilled into the realm of trade.

China Strikes Back

The U.S.-China trade war doesn’t let up. The Trade Guys tackle how the latest tranche of tariffs are affecting American businesses and Congress.

Chemistry Caught in the Crossfire

Ed Brzytwa is the director of international trade at the American Chemistry Council and a former United States Trade Representative negotiator. He joins the Trade Guys in the studio to talk about how the trade war is affecting both producers and consumers of chemical products.

Are Tariffs the Greatest?

The Trade Guys discuss whether this is a harbinger of the president’s latest plan to slap 25 percent tariffs on foreign autos and auto parts as the administration makes the argument that auto imports may be a threat to national security.

Hearing from the Heartland

Blake Hurst is a third-generation farmer and the president of the Missouri Farm Bureau. He joins the Trade Guys in the studio to offer insight on how the trade war is affecting farmers, other producers in the community, and the politics on the ground.

Counting Down to Tariff Time

The Trade Guys discuss the mayhem right before the United States pulls the trigger on imposing tariffs on China.

Goodbye to Harley Davidson and the WTO?

Trade Guys Bill Reinsch and Scott Miller discuss Harley Davidson’s decision to outsource some of their production and why it has upset the President.

Trade War Hitting A Fever Pitch

The Trade Guys, Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch put President Trump’s notion that trade wars are “good, and easy to win” to the test.

I Smell a Trade War

The Trade Guys, Bill Reinsch and Scott Miller, take on the Trump administration’s announcement that it will impose tariffs on $50 billion of goods from China, raising the potential for a trade war between the world’s two biggest economies.

Bad Moon Rising Over G7

The Trade Guys, Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch recap the fallout from the Trump administration’s move to impose tariffs on the EU and Canada.

Trade War on Hold and a Skinny NAFTA

The Trade Guys, Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch tackle two big stories: what came out of the latest U.S.-China trade talks, and what’s happening with the North American Free Trade Agreement.

ZTE and Tweetable Deliverables

The Trade Guys, Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch talk about what’s going on between the Trump administration and the Chinese telecom company, ZTE.

To Be / Or Not to Be in the TPP

In this inaugural episode of The Trade Guys, Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch talk about a trade deal that’s made headlines: The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP.